35000 mAh Waterproof Solar Power bank with LED (Yellow)


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  • Case material: ABS and PC plastic
  • Dual port USB, can charge 2 units at the same time
  • Anti-solar mobile power, turn on the water, dust, shock
  • Polymer batteries
  • Input charging input voltage: DC5V ? 0.3V Input Current Charge: DC5V / 1000mA ? 100mA
  • Discharge output: DC5V ? 0.1V 1500MA ? 200mA
  • Asynchronous boost operating frequency: 300kHz

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In stock

The new three anti-solar mobile power, turn on the water, dust, shock. Pure Software Board (Independent Charge independent boost independent battery protection board) Standard MICRO charging input interface, dual standard USB A-type female connector discharge. Charging complete automatic shutdown .

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