Smart Backpacks (Black)


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Bag internal structure computer bag, cell phone pocket, mezzanine zipper bag, document bag, zipper pocket Open the way zipper strap root number double root style business Bags shape vertical section square processing mode soft surface pattern solid color The number of popular elements in the hardness of the joints to carry soft parts Outside the bag within the type of pocket

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1. Strong wear: washed cloth on the raw material requirements are very strict, after special treatment can improve the wear resistance of the fabric.

2. not easy to fade: washed cloth with high-temperature dyeing process does not fade after the fade does not shrink, repeatedly washed after the color is still bright.

3. No irritating smell: after washing the fabric can be washed away on the chemical composition of raw materials and irritating odor more low-carbon environmental protection.

4. feel soft: because in the production process additives and anti-wrinkle technology will make the fabric hardened, after washing process can restore the natural soft state.

5. not easy to deformation: cloth washed by the precise calculation and high temperature drying and achieve the effect of pre-shrinking, so that the fabric is not easy to shrink the quality of better shrinkage. Strong wear, easy to fade, not easy to deformation, no irritating smell, soft, five advantages of ultra-low prices Bag width 26cm high 43cm thick 11cm can be put down: ipad, A4 books, laptops, small folding umbrella, beverages, mobile phones, cigarettes, wallets, etc.

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