Wireless Strobe siren with Door Sensor


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1.As wireless strobe siren, please study coding and connect with the siren and wireless host before using. When trigger the alarm host, siren will alarm with loud sound and warning light flash to deter intruders.
2.As stand alone alarm host, it can study coding and connect with other wireless accessories together to be an independent alarm system. After arm assigning, Any detector is triggered, the host will alarm immediately with loud sound last for 5 minutes and warning light flashing to deter intruders.

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■ Compact and fashionable mushroom-shape design
■ Wireless, DIY
■ Smart and adjustable volume with 8 levels (including mute)
■ 110dB super loud siren, 4 groups of flashing light
■ EEPROM information protection, information never lost to ensure information security
■ Wireless intelligent study coding, maximum support 30 pcs remote control and 50 pcs detector
■ Compatible with PT1527 (150K-470K) and PT2262 normal encoding(Resistance 1.5M-4.7M)
■ Built-in Ni-Hi rechargeable battery 3.7V/600mAh, Standby 8 hours above
■ AC/ DC, twenty-four-hour ordinary guarding without interruption.
■ AC 100-240V

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